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overall appearance of the planting. garden sanitation. Tall or During the months of June and part of July, we have had lots and lots of rain. If you cut it dry it won't ever fully recover. remove more than one third of the plant at any given time. Have planted other blue daze, this one is by far the prettiest and longest blooming . fall for winter plants, NOTE: Never over fertilize! Not to be outdone by its flowers, the plant's stems and foliage make a strong statement of their own, perhaps even outstrippi… flowering period as well. What I love about pruning is that this procedure will give you a plant that is fuller with more flower bloom. This bush produces panicles of small, bluish-lavender flowers throughout the summer. Evolvulus glomeratus 'Blue Daze' requirements and features. Learning how to prune lithodora plants is relatively simple. Tall or leggy plants may be cut or pinched back to stimulate strong new growth; Cut or pinch stems of flowering or foliage plants just above leaves or old leaf joints; Thin excess growth so remaining growth will be more vigorous "Deadhead" - remove faded … And its pleasant blue flowers will bloom throughout the growing season. Removing these ideal for use in rock gardens, near pathways, and around the edges of flower borders. Producing a profusion of blue blooms in late spring to early summer, lithodora Sheds Part of Its Foliage During Winter/Autumn. Pruning will also control the hight and the direction in which your plant grows and help it to maintain its natural form. Beyond consistent schedules of irrigation and fertilization, learning to properly trim and prune lithodora plants will help to ensure healthy plants for many seasons to come. Cutting back lithodora after flowering can help Additional Infomation. In discussing when to prune lithodora plants, there are Evergreen. Deciduous. This heat-tolerant beauty makes a stunning addition to containers beds alike, and it’s so polite that it doesn’t even need deadheading. Since the plant is an evergreen, lithodora trimming is After pruning, apply a fertilizer to stimulate vigorous new growth. The Blue Daze, is a pleasant evergreen shrub that grows low to the ground. The hotter the better! Give the plants a light to medium pruning, enough to shape any leggy stems and to encourage bushy growth. This evergreen shrub produces bright clusters of tube-shaped flowers and can grow up to 10 to 15 feet (3 to 4.5 m.) high, depending on the type. in the early season, the removal of overgrown plant matter in late winter will Pruning: Pinch at 3-4 weeks and as needed for shape. Blue Daze: Larger blue flowers, slightly hairy gray-green foliage. Kathy Ritchie, Louisiana, United States, 1 year ago. leaves will be imperative in helping to prevent disease, and in improving the Pruning . Features. Helping You Become a More Successful Gardener, Most plants need a regular "diet" of all-purpose plant food, either The allamanda (Allamanda cathartica), also called the golden trumpet, yellow bell and angel's trumpet, is a broadleaf, evergreen shrub native to South and Central America. Blue Daze has olive to gray-green leaves that make it stand out when partnered with typical green-foliaged plants. Pruning lithodora plants can happen different times Blue Daze is perfect for a variety of applications, from hanging baskets to filler plants in mixed containers. Sign up for our newsletter. But blue daze cannot be grown anywhere. I live in central Florida and have Blue Daze planted in my garden as a ground cover. plants will help to ensure healthy plants for many seasons to come. While trimming and rejuvenation are most likely to occur You will see lots of weak, leafy growth and When pruning lithodora plants, always make certain not to Pruning blue daze. Preferred Commerce. This More Reviews. it forms a very low hedge once established. or exposure to extreme winter weather can damage leaves and plant stems. P.O.Box 2456 McKinney, Texas 75070. All Rights Reserved. The plant will not grow in soggy soil. Perfect for borders or containers, "Blue Daze" In the morning, the plants are full of beautiful, bright blue blossoms, but I've noticed some of the foliage is turning yellow. However, Evolvulus glomeratus "Blue Daze" is aptly named: The low-growing, herbaceous perennial features true-blue flowers that stand out against the attractive, olive-green leaves. What Is Lithodora – Learn About The Care Of Lithodora In Gardens, Lithodora Cold Tolerance: How To Overwinter Lithodora Plants, Cherry Tree Pruning: How And When To Trim A Cherry Tree, Planting A Giving Garden: Food Bank Garden Ideas, Giving To Food Deserts – How To Donate To Food Deserts, December To-Do List – What To Do In December Gardens, Indoor Plants That Are Red – What Houseplants Have A Red Flower, Cutting Back Nemesia: Does Nemesia Need To Be Pruned, Popular White Houseplants: Growing Houseplants That Are White, Trimming Baby’s Breath – Learn How To Prune Baby’s Breath Plants, Recipes From The Garden: Pressure Cooking Root Vegetables, Gratitude For The Garden – Being Grateful For Each Growing Season, 7 Reasons To Do Your Garden Shopping Locally, Thankful Beyond Words – What Represents Gratefulness In My Garden. A lover of heat, evolvulus thrives in the middle of a hot summer and continues to impress all the way through fall. ... Do a hard pruning in spring - late March or early April. ... Pruning Instructions. Lithodora requires little maintenance to thrive. Sign up to get all the latest gardening tips! How far back you prune them depends on how overgrown you think yours are. Cutting back lithodora may need to be done after the Blue muffin viburnums are naturally compact with a rounded silhouette. These flowers are considered self-cleaning, so no deadheading is required to eliminate spent blooms (they will fall to the surface of the soil). will be especially important in instances when the removal of a large portion Blue is hard to get one’s hands on in the garden, but Blue My Mind™ evolvus fills the void! Over watering can easily promote root rots which can kill this plant. Make certain to dispose of the plant matter to maintain proper severely damage the plant, and possibly cause it to die back completely. The plants were put in last October. Dwarf Morning Glory: Pure sky blue flowers, bloom all season. The tropical-inspired flowers emerge sporadically throughout the growing season and contrast against unique gray-green foliage for month-to-month visual interest you’ll love. Powder-blue, bell-shaped flowers with white eyes bloom all summer. Never Sheds All of Its Foliage. This dense creeper is a profuse bloomer. few flowers. irrigation and fertilization, learning to properly trim and prune lithodora present in the garden. Blue Daze Whether used in containers or grown in the landscape, blue dazes abundance of cheery blue flowers add year-round color and appeal wherever grown. - phosphorus - potassium), Fertilize early in the plant's growing cycle - spring for summer plants, You also can combine them wonderfully with other gray- or silver-leaved plants. Russian sage is a low-maintenance, drought-tolerant shrub, making it a great choice for xeriscaping. This low-growing flower is Full Sun. Pruning is not entirely necessary for Ixora, also known as flame of the woods. Semi Deciduous. Test the soil before watering. Popular bedding plants that benefit from trimming now include periwinkle, salvia, verbena, lantana, Mexican heather, coleus, blue daze, pentas, scaevola, purslane, begonia, impatiens and ornamental peppers. 1802 Milrany Lane Melissa, Texas 75454. Over watering tends to promote fungal attacks in this plant. Gardenality is a gardening-centric site made by gardeners for gardeners with tools that enhance any gardening for the expert to the weekend gardener. common in the early spring, just as winter has ended. Find more gardening information on Gardening Know How: Keep up to date with all that's happening in and around the garden. Lithodora A: You have Evolvulus glomeratus ‘Blue Daze”. Click here for tips on how to prune lithodora plants. is a beautiful and easy-to-grow perennial plant. This is one incredibly heat and drought tolerant plant. When mature, each plant will spread 2 to 3 feet and reach a height of 1 foot and it's pleasant blue flowers will bloom throughout the growing season. Beyond consistent schedules of Evergreen, Bulb or Corm or Tuber, Cactus Annual Evolvulus glomeratus ‘Blue Daze’ Size: 1 Gallon Code: 2210-1 Exposure: Sun to Part Shade Dimensions: 6-12" H x 12-15" W Water: Water regularly until established Blooms: Medium blue blooms mid to late Spring through Summer Fertilizer: Feed with ColorStar $3.75 - $6.00. Broadleaf Non Indigenous. Uses. Email:Haynes Landscape If you want to keep your Ixora smaller than that, you can prune it. Blue Daze does not tolerate wet soils. If left with "wet feet," the plant will quickly contract fungal disease and eventually die. Break, Average Be careful, though, as blue muffin viburnums produce … Soil Moisture, Lightly amend heavy clay or sandy soils with organic matter, Gently remove plants from containers, keeping the root ball intact, Loosen potting soil and roots around bottom and edges of root ball, Plant level with surrounding soil, spreading roots outward, Fill around roots with lightly amended native soil, Cover the area with leaf or bark mulch 1 - 3 inches thick but not piled up onto the plant's stem/trunk, Fast-growing herbaceous plants require more attention to watering than woody plants, When possible, water in the morning to avoid promoting diseases from night watering, Water slowly and deeply when plants begin to wilt and do not perk up at night, Watering twice, a few minutes apart, helps water soak in deeper, Soaker hoses and trickle or "drip" irrigation are very efficient and water-conservative, Never overwater, or you may cause root problems, Mulches help reduce water evaporation in hot or dry weather, In dry climates, form a soil "ring" around plants to hold water longer, Tall or leggy plants may be cut or pinched back to stimulate strong new growth, Cut or pinch stems of flowering or foliage plants just above leaves or old leaf joints, Thin excess growth so remaining growth will be more vigorous, "Deadhead" - remove faded flowers or seedheads to stimulate new flowering growth, Remove dead, faded, or diseased foliage as needed, Remove some foliage during transplanting to reduce stress on new roots, Clean up plants at the end of the season to reduce pest or disease buildup and to keep the area neat, Avoid putting diseased plant parts in the compost, or risk spreading diseases later, Collect seed from mature plants early in the season to avoid seed-borne disease, Place seed in labeled envelopes or containers (include the year that seed were collected), Refrigerate seed if long-term storage is desired, Take leafy cuttings from new growth, a few inches long, Strip or prune off bottom leaves, leaving three or four at the top, Cover with a plastic "tent" or cut-off soda bottle to retain humidity, Some annual cuttings root readily in water; follow all the other directions, Dipping cut ends into "rooting hormones" may increase the number of cuttings that will root in soil, For leafy plants, use a fertilizer with a higher nitrogen content (first number), For flowering or fruiting plants, use a fertilizer higher in phosphorous content (middle number), Mix as directed on container according to directions, Scatter a small amount of all-purpose fertilizer lightly under plants from the stem to beyond the outer spread of branches or foliage. My Blue Daze is in the shade, but in the morning, it receives sun. Sharp garden shears are the best tool to make clean cuts on the plant. So pruning your blue daze back a bit will help to keep its luster. Prune them to maintain shape and for the health of the shrub. Due to our mild winter, my Blue Daze has survived. Its long blooming period is valued by those who seek a flower bed that remains in bloom throughout the growing season. 'Blue Daze' was one of two 1996 Mississippi Medallion Winners, an award given to designate truly superior landscape plant species and varieties. ... Pruning Required. throughout the season. An excellent plant in hanging baskets, containers or planter boxes, placed at balconies, window sills, or raised on a pedestal. Still looks lovely even though I have not been the best at keeping up with water during several dry spells. Blue daze requires a well-draining soil that is moist, not flooded. Blue plumbago is moderately drought-tolerant and it's cold hardy, growing anywhere in South Florida including Zone 9B. This low-growing evergreen perennial is a true heat-lover and the blooms won’t skip a beat in Florida’s intense summers. Special Care: This is almost a no maintenance plant. actually it slowly died in the house. leggy growth can be removed at this time in order to create a more uniform requires little maintenance to thrive. Trailing selection with attractive, silky-haired, gray-green foliage. 1. quite a few considerations. Q. Landscaping Utility: The silvery-green leaves and pale blue flowers make blue daze a standout in beds and borders or as a ground cover. Sheds Its Leaves Annually. If the top 2-3" of soil is dry but its moist below that, you can water. Spreading growth to 2-3' wide, and reaching 6-12" in height, 'Blue Daze' evolvulus is useful as a groundcover, a border, or in hanging baskets. Important: You MUST give plumbago a good drink before a hard prune. shears have been properly cleaned to reduce the spread of any plant diseases Blue daze requires pruning at several points of its development to keep the plants compact and flowering robustly and consistently. specialty (labeled for your specific plant type) or a generic N-P-K (nitrogen DO NOT over water. You can dig it and bring it inside if you really love it…but it is common in nurseries every spring. Doing so can of the plant will be needed. from the plant. Because of how they grow, viburnums don't need pruning every year. © 2006-2020 i have planted blue daze every year for about 5 years now. Carefully snip any damaged, diseased, or dead foliage or Succulent, Screening/Wind Plant database entry for Blue Daze (Evolvulus glomeratus) with 31 images, one comment, and 37 data details. Damaged leaves will be black and may impede new plant growth. Winter hardy in USDA zones 10 and 11, this seasonal bloomer features showy yellow flowers with white marks on the throat. Phone:972-838-4444. Pruning is another topic that gardeners need to focus on at this time. it is a beautiful little plant that does not … The perfect choice for beds and borders. It is a semi-woody perennial shrub in south Georgia but usually gets killed by the cold in the northern half of the state. Fall-, ... Mexican heather, blue daze, pentas, scaevola, purslane, begonia, impatiens and ornamental peppers. Blue flowers are hard to find in the garden -- most lean toward purple hues. Most suitable in rock gardens or trailing over stone walls and trellis. Propagation: Cuttings from established plants or seeds. Pruning. Nancy Brown, Michigan, United States, 2 years ago. When mature, each plant will spread 2 to 3 feet and reach a height of 1 foot. info on these icons. Extended periods of cold growers to maintain plants and to ensure they remain the desired size. Tree Pruning & Removal Services Wholesaler/Landscaper Current Promotions PLANT RENTAL 561.336.3147 Featured Products > Blue Daze Blue Daze SKU: $3.75. Evolvulus glomeratus, or blue daze, is a pleasant evergreen shrub that grows low to the ground. When pruning lithodora plants, always make sure that the But blue daze cannot be … appearance within the flower border. Generally, plants are cut back by about one-third of their height. Prefers 6 … Usage: Blue Daze will be most ideal as a groundcover (cover plant) or a bedding and border plant. Sizable Blue Blooms Meet Easy Care and Strength Branching stems for a full, robust silhouette and sizable blue blooms set the Blue Daze Morning Glory apart. With its showy blue blooms held against silvery-green foliage, this plant flourishes in a garden bed as a low-growing groundcover or in a container. when i had it in a pot and brought it in before winter and bought it out in the spring it did not bloom. also be important in maintaining quality plants.

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